Thursday, October 9, 2008

Thursday Two, Electric Boogaloo

During naptime, I sat down to work on my current nemesis, the big-heavy-blanket-with-no-end. At the beginning of log cabin projects, I am always fooled by the early quick progress, forgetting that each stripe gets longer and longer. I had the goofy idea that if I doubled the yarn, it would be bulkier and thus gain size faster, which is true as far as it goes, but boy, it still goes slowly. I also figured that since this blanket is (I hope) destined to keep a cold Afghan child warm through the winter that the doubled wool would also work in my favor. However, it is hugely heavy to work with and it eats yarn REALLY fast. I'm probably going to have to finish it soon whether I want to or not, because it's due at the charity by, I think, the 14th, and also, I'm almost out of yarn...

After a quick visit with Mark, the Tile Guy, who came to give me a quote to replace the nasty carpet in our bathroom with tile, I had to go pick up the kids. After playing/talking/complaining loudly in his crib for well over an hour, of course he fell asleep half an hour before we had to leave for school, so this sweet sight is what I found when I went up to get him:

He woke surprisingly well, though, and sucked down his afternoon bottle on the way to school:

Where there was much rejoicing in the halls because a burst water main means a surprise vacation day tomorrow! So I'm hoping tomorrow is as beautiful as today so we can get out and get some fresh air and sunshine.
Speaking of fresh air and sunshine, Big Guy had football practice at 6:00, so I dropped him off:

Left Miss G with Daddy:
Took Little Guy to run a quick errand or two and pick up some Outback takeout for grownup dinner (is it legal to marry salmon? I loved my dinner that much!) and put the kids to bed.

And my day ends with too much TV and the blanket that will NOT end. I've made it to the last stripe, because that's my last color of worsted weight wool. It's a bit smaller than they asked for, but I'm hoping its considerable weight will outweigh it's deficiencies. So the goal is to get it in the mail on Saturday... if I have lots of knitting time tomorrow, that might actually happen!
Good night!

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