Thursday, October 9, 2008

Thursday, part one

Some of the mommy blogs I read have been doing a photo journal of their weeks' activities, and I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon. Due to the life of glamour and excitement I lead, I say in the words of Bette Davis, "Buckle your seatbelts, it's going to be a bumpy ride".

I dragged myself out of bed at about 6:45 this morning, remembering that we had no sandwich bread left, and that the kids need school lunch, so I threw the pizza stone in the oven, cranked it to 500 and quickly rolled out a couple of pitas to bake. Below is one of the pitas waiting to cool enough to be wrapped in cloth napkins and thrown in the waiting lunchbags, to the right:
Since that batch of dough was about done, I threw together a new batch to rise (from the amazing and wonderful book that's sweeping the blogosphere: Artisan Breads in Five Minutes a Day): Then (I can hear your pulses quicken with the excitement) I fed the kids breakfast, got everyone dressed and emptied the dishwasher:
Drove the kids to school. Big Guy usually walks down his corridor by himself, because he has to be in his classroom by 8:15 and Miss G's class doesn't begin until 8:35. Yes, that's right, folks, twenty minutes to wander about aimlessly, keeping Miss G from being beaten to death by those not as chipper as she is first thing in the morning and keeping Little Mister from escaping down the hall and out the door! Okay, I'll totally grant that she doesn't look wildly chipper in this photo, but really, usually she's a loud, bouncy blur!
Making a break for it!
The door opens and we drop Miss G off for a fun day in Ms. Cook's pre-k class!
After drop-off, Little Mister and I headed over to HyVee to do some grocery shopping, which I forgot to document (please don't cry from the disappointment). I took a picture of our shopping bags in the trunk of the van, but I wasn't sure if the excitement wouldn't kill you, so I decided to skip it!
After dispatching the groceries, I hung a quick load of wash on the porch clothesline:
Prepped fruit for hungry kiddos in the hopes of fending off requests for crackers, chocolate, chips, pretzels, etc. (The grapes in the upper left are on skewers, about to be put in the freezer for "grape pops", one of Miss G's favorite healthy treats.)
The bread dough has risen and is ready for storage in the fridge until I need it! The cookbook in the foreground below (okay on the right, since my photo is sideways), is my new favorite, called The Sneaky Chef. The general premise is that, yes, of course, ultimately we want to teach our children to willingly make good food choices, but in the meantime, let's make sure they get the nutrition they need by sneaking the good stuff in. Not revolutionary, but she has a number of purees that she adds to various recipes to boost the nutrition, and I've been having lots of fun experimenting with them. I made her "Brainy brownies" earlier this week, and they were really good! Lower in fat and sugar than regular brownies, they are whole wheat, also contain oat flour, and her purple puree, which is (drumroll, please) blueberries and spinach. You'd truly never know it. Everyone in the family ate them really cheerfully!
Making the "purple puree" for more brownies this weekend:
A brief break to read blogs and eat breakfast at our 10:30 (Little Mister was watching a little PBSKids while I was cooking and taking my break):
Out to the back yard for a little fresh air, reading (for me) and playing (for both of us)

Then we were off to the dairy to buy our milk and pet some calves:
I couldn't manage to get a picture of the boy and the front end of a calf at the same time!

Then home again, home again, jiggedy jig for stories and naptime.
Quite unusually, after all this time blogging, he's still awake up there, just talking to himself. Hopefully he'll fall asleep soon! I'm going to go update the laundry and then knit and watch a little tv. Don't worry, I won't keep you hanging on the edge of your seat too long for the exciting conclusion of my Thursday!

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