Monday, July 19, 2010

Bicycles, parades and dinosaurs, Oh My!

It's been a busy summer! Everyone in the family has been on trips except the Little Guy, many camps have been attended and swims swum. Here's a quick update on our summer so far:
I got to piggyback onto one of DaddyMan's business trips to DC and have some fun, fun, fun! I spent some quality time with hubby, had a lovely day at the DC Temple and spent a few days with my good friend Tracy.
While I was gone, Big Guy returned from Florida with my Mom (Gamma) and we had a wonderful visit with her for about ten days, much longer than we usually get to keep her for! Of course I put her to work, helping me paint Grace's new schoolroom (pictures will follow in another post.) And LOTS of babysitting.
Miss G finally grew into big brother's old bike, so we took it in for repair and the addition of some fun purple streamers to make it "girly". It's a big hit, especially because now Little Guy gets her old bike!

One day when it wasn't TOO hot, we headed over to Lake Shawnee for play time:

On the weekend of the 4th, Daddy took the kiddos to a parade, where they got to hand out lots of candy!
And on the day after the holiday (which Big Guy still grumbles about, since the rain meant we couldn't set off our fireworks) Gamma and Miss G packed up the car and drove to Florida. My little girl went on her first trip without her mama!

(And she's off!)
After they left, Big Guy and I turned our attention to the jigsaw that Gamma and I started:

And then the boys and I went into Kansas City to the science museum:

My handsome boys:

And then, on the day Miss G returned to us, we went BACK to the science museum!

And, well, need anything more be said??