Saturday, October 9, 2010

Family Wedding!

The littlest guys prepare for their very important jobs!
As do the smallest girls!
On the big day, the Kensinger kids get ready:

(Hey, Miss Tracy, he's grown up a bit since your wedding, hasn't he!! )

My three handsome men:
The beautiful bride:

My little party animal (eating an incredibly healthy dinner of one white dinner roll):
She was on the hunt for glow sticks
And eventually amassed quite a collection!
It was a lovely weekend, and really fun to be back in the same spot where we had our own wedding reception!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

So it's been awhile since I've hooked my "real" camera up to the computer, and I found pictures going back to the middle of the summer. Oops.
Grace and I went to Lindsborg to pick Thomas up from Chess Camp, and we had great fun exploring all of the town's dala horses:


"I Herd it Through the Grapevine"

And my favorite, "Salvador Dala"

Our chess master (and little sis) with the "Yankee Doodle Dala"

Sometimes, it's just easiest to give in and yield the bed to the small people:
We had a gloriously windy day when our favorite babysitter brought kites:

And Daddy took the boys to Little Guy's very first Royals game!

The little ones and I had a great field trip to the zoo on our first day of "Aah! Homeschooling is hard!"
And Miss G had a lovely encounter with the gorilla:

(There's no good reason for this picture. Just thought it was cute.)
Our homeschool scholars hard at work!

And we briefly interrupt these scenes of academic achievement for photos of a tall, dark and handsome man who we have occasionally caught glimpses of during this busy campaign season!

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming:

We had a Lawrence Virtual School field trip to Irish Waters Farm, a sanctuary farm in Berryton. Lots of fun!

The nice thing about homeschool is that when we are sick, we can just snuggle up and keep working!
And when we are sick of the site of our house, we can take our show on the road and do school at the local coffeshop!

October has arrived, so break out the fake spider webs!

So, okay, yeah, the spider looks as though it's hung itself rather than spun a web, but what can you do??

The kids got busy carving at Grammy and Grampy's farm this weekend:

Can it be called "Indian Summer" if the cool weather only lasted three days??

Again, I gave the little kids the camera and let them have at it!

The remains of a fun afternoon outside:
What is that? OH...