Thursday, February 26, 2009

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Quick photo update

Miss G and I had a fun morning out on Saturday:

This is what faces me when I try to leave the house!

Great, unexpectedly sunny day at the zoo!

Big Guy's Blue and Gold Banquet where he "bridged" from Cubs to Boy Scouts

Thursday, February 19, 2009

I can see clearly now, the dirt has gone

Who knew what a difference clean windows would make? (Okay, yeah, I knew, but I forgot.) I just had the window cleaners in for the first time in, well, too long. (Let's leave it at that, please.) Holy mackerel, do they look good! They even make the gloomy February landscape look prettier, which is quite a feat.

Add that to carpet replacement/shampooing, massive mulching, weeding and clipping going on outside, and the reorganization/decluttering that's been ongoing since the new year, and slowly but surely I am reclaiming my house from neglect (which I choose to blame on the babies). Yes, I know I still have a toddler (plus two other kids who aren't paragons of tidiness, either) but I am ready to pay attention again now, I guess. (At least this week.)

That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

If you give a kid a costume...

He'll probably want a magic wand to go with it.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Too many books

We got new carpet in our bedroom last week. Our room is where the bookshelves live. Bookshelves which had to be moved. You do the math.
I had to go to a meeting that night, and left the job undone. I wish I had a picture of what I found when I got home that night (after Little Mister had gotten into the bathroom). On second thought, it's probably better that I don't.
On a side note, you can see that I moved Daddyman's books last: George Will, John Wooden and baseball are at the front of the piles!
As I write this, Little Mister is having his first "nap" in his big boy bed. When we went upstairs at naptime, he crawled in to the bed in his room and looked at me with such a satisfied look on his face that I couldn't resist letting him give it a try. He's been out about half a dozen times. Hmmm. Maybe not.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

A Quick Note

A friend (and you know who you are) just recently went "anonymous" on her family blog, giving her children pseudonyms to combat online crazies. I've been thinking about this ever since, and have decided to follow her example, so from here on out, our family consists of:

Big Guy
Miss G
Little Mister or Little Guy


In sickness and in health...

First, Miss G was sick:
Then, little Mister was sick... Don't let the big grin fool you; first he was sick in the car as we were driving to David's office to pick up my van, where we had left it. We cleaned him up at the office, put him in a t-shirt of David's, snapped this picture, then he was sick again all over himself, then we cleaned him up AGAIN and found a slightly less clean t-shirt of David's for him to wear, and made it home before he threw up a third and final time. Miss G is trying to look sympathetic and pitiful with the sick boy!
I'll leave you with a message from Miss G, as she ate her snack the other day: