Sunday, June 6, 2010

The School year wrap-up (a little late!)

First, to prove to my sweet hubby that I DO put him on the blog:

We went with some friends to the Royals game, and he won the speed texting contest! He a gift certificate, and bought a snazzy new jacket: In the last weeks of school, I was able to help chaperone a sixth grade trip to the Nelson Art Museum in Kansas City. Herding cats, I tell you. I thought kindergarteners were a challenge! :) In the last week of Discovery School, Little Guy went with his class on a walk to the local Dairy Queen. I wasn't able to be there, but another parent sweetly sent me some pictures: Then came "Graduation Day" for Discovery School. See you next year!
We interrupt our end of school coverage to celebrate Granddad's 70th birthday! And then it was Miss G's turn to "graduate" from kindergarten: Bye, Mrs. Berryman! We had a wonderful year! When the "end" finally came, we were too excited to sit still for a photo, but we gave it our best shot. Happy end of the school year!

Camp Granddad, Day 1!

On Tuesday, we got to be initiated into a family tradition! Camp Granddad, which has traditionally been conducted with our out-of-state cousins, was moved to it's "international headquarters" in Topeka this year, so all of the cousins could be involved. Great fun was had by all!
After camp was convened, we made mud pies for butterflies and decorated flip flops (the macho boys had a different activity involving dinosaurs, I believe!). We then played water balloon hot potato out in the yard:

And what would any gathering of children be without a LOT of pizza?

All of the Camp Granddad pictures are taken on my phone, so the quality isn't the greatest. Sorry!

Camp Granddad, Day 2!

We started out our first full day of Camp Granddad with a wonderful trip to Hazel Hill, a local chocolate shop owned by our good friends, the Xidis family. They gave us a really fun, informative tour with LOTS of yummy samples!
Here, they are pouring out a mixture of molten butter and sugar onto a marble slab, preparing to add peanut butter and lots of other goodies to peanut butter fudge:

Everyone got a spoonful of warm, fresh fudge: Little Miss was so enthusiastic about hers, Nick gave her a bigger bite!

Little Guy, on the other hand, took smaller bites:

Here, we are getting an education about different varieties of chocolate:

Granddad and Little Guy take a little break:
As do Miss G and Cousin C:
The three year olds confer:
"I'll take a pound of this and a pound of that. How about you?"

After the chocolate shop, we went over to Gage Park. We had cupcakes to celebrate Granddad's belated birthday (since what we REALLY needed was more sugar...) and rode the train.
Then we split in groups, with most of the big kids going to the Zoo, and most of the little kids going with me to the Carousel.
Saddle up the chickens, we're ready to ride!

We ended our park time in true Kansas fashion, playing "Wizard of Oz"!

After lunch, we had a trip to the pool, then all collapsed into little heaps to sleep and prepare for our final day of fun!

Camp Granddad, Day 3!

We were surprised on Thursday morning with a trip to the Fire Station!!

We even got to use the fire hoses!

Little Guy thought the air tank on the fireman's back was a rocket pack, and kept asking when he would take off!

Finally, we all sat down and received our assignments for the "Granddad Gazette":