Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Catch up (again... this is getting silly)

So I don't have a new camera yet, all evidence to the contrary. Big Guy got a camera for Christmas last year (a simple Polaroid digital) and after trying to get it all set up on his own, he put it aside and I said I'd help him with it. Never looked at it again until my camera was stolen eight months later, at which point I figured it out for my own use. Bad, bad mommy. But I did tell him he has first dibs on it.

I've been sick, sick, sick this past week, and still am not totally better, but I'm trying to get myself, the house and our schedule somewhat back to normal. So I figured the least I could do was finally download recent pictures onto the blog!

The skies above our house yesterday afternoon (and today, too):
This is Miss G's "favorite puddle" and her beloved orange flowered rain boots!
No sissy rain boots for Little Mister, no siree!

On her way to ballet and tap class (her dance shoes are packed, obviously!)
Last week, right before I contracted the plague (!) LittleMister and I went on what was really his first trip to the zoo. He'd been as a baby but didn't particularly notice or care. This time was a little different! Our boy has been obsessed with elephants ever since seeing The Jungle Book in August. This used to be one of my all time favorite Disney films, but after seeing at least parts of it almost daily since late August, I've got to say, I'm over it. But anyway, he calls elephants "March Two Three" (well, really "Mar-oo-free", but you get the idea) because of Col. Hathi's parade in Jungle Book. Once we reached the elephants, all bets were off. We stayed there for a REALLY long time, and every time one moved, it was as if a new elephant appeared!
He thought the "monkeys" were a big hit, too!


At the playground in the children's zoo:

Playing in the yard before school on one of the few cool, crisp autumn mornings we've had during this crazy-warm late September/early October:
Okay, so two out of three isn't bad... Sam isn't really into sitting still to pose for photos right now!

And on that note, I'll leave you, dear readers! Still no photos of Big Guy in football gear, but this, too, shall come. More soon (I hope)!

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Awesome Mom said...

We ought to get together and go to the zoo sometime. I take the boys at least once a week and they never seem to get tired of it.