Tuesday, January 1, 2008

We still exist!!

Boxing Day breakfast, surrounded by Christmas goodies: wandmaking kit and juggling balls(Big Guy's), stacking blocks (Little Mister's, but appropriated by Miss G) and art caddy (Miss G's)

If they only got along so well the rest of the time! And if only I could sleep with not one but two squirmy kids in my bed! (Big Guy wasn't amazingly happy to have me publish this, but much happier than the one of him being a bubble monster in the bathtub with the siblings!)

I do believe that the last post I made I said something silly, like, "I'm going to blog every day in November!" Yes, it's now the first of January. Excuses are too numerous, including two different sicknesses that swept our household, a misplaced camera, broken high speed internet service, oh, and the dog ate my blogwork.

Here's to a more bloggy 2008! That's not a resolution, just a hope!

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