Tuesday, January 29, 2008

"Up, up, up" and away!

Words, words, words! Finally Little Mister has decided to use some language! He's had the occasional sounds that resemble "hi", "Daddy" and "uh 0h", but he has finally, undeniably added a word to his repertoire! The other morning in the crib he looked at me and said "UP" and it pretty much hasn't stopped saying it since, since he's having his first example of the power of language ("hey, I say this, and people do what I want! Cool!").

And in other news, Miss G has ceased to be a three year old girl! The big day was Sunday, and since it ended up being her first real day in Primary, it was doubly exciting since they sing to the birthday kids. We had a family birthday party that night, then a daytime "pj party" with a couple of friends Monday afternoon.

Ah, a moment of tenderness as big brother reads little sis' birthday card to her!

Here are Miss G's new pjs for her pajama party! Grampy, these are part of your birthday gift! The new "leo-tired" as she calls it, will be photographed at gymnastics tomorrow! The next post will be more Big Guy-centric... we've got pictures of the 4th grade wax museum and the lower school art show to post, but since our high speed internet is out of commision, it takes FOREVER to download photos right now!


rabbitlovesbear said...

words! how exciting!

Everything is great here. We finally purchased a new bed -- california king - yeah for more room!

Emily is going great -- the trial is on the 4th.

Lots of love, tracy

Sarah Beth said...

Grace is such a cutie! How exciting to be FOUR! It's a wonderful age. Happy Birthday! :)