Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Magic Kingdom, Part One

A confession: we left Little Mister with Gamma and Grampa. And boy, every time I walked by a family with a fussy, squirmy, tired two year old, I thanked my lucky stars (and my Mom!) for having the good sense NOT to bring the toddler with us. But anyway, on with the photos...

Before the sun rose on Boxing Day (26 Dec), we made our way to Orlando, checked into the Boardwalk Inn in the Epcot area (which I highly recommend... lovely, and only a short walk to Epcot and a slightly longer one to Disney Hollywood!), and made our way to the Magic Kingdom. We went straight to Tomorrowland and Buzz Lightyear's ride, which Miss G found a little loud, dark and scary (perhaps we should have done it later in the day for her, to ease her in to Disney-style rides!). Then we jumped on the Tomorrowland train:

We went to the Monsters Inc comedy show, which was a good giggle. The boys then went one way, to do all manner of scary, dark and/or nausea-inducing rides, and after trying Stitch's Great Escape (which neither or Miss G and I really enjoyed... he spit on us... ewwww!) we went to Fantasyland. This is her first real experience with Disney style lines, while we waited for the Dumbo ride:

But the wait was worth it:

Then we were able to walk right onto Cinderella's carousel:

Then came our VERY FAVORITE ride, Mad Hatter's Teacups:

We met up with the boys again and tried to all go in the Haunted House, but little miss was thwarted by the spooky sound effects outside the building, so she and I went back to Fantasyland for a little while and rode the Teacups again. Then we met up with the boys and headed for Adventureland, where I waited while Big Guy rode Thunder Mountain (which, sadly, we will revisit later!), Daddy and Miss G went to the Bears Jamboree, then we spent some time at the shooting range, and headed up the Swiss Family Robinson treehouse:

Then off to Aladdin's Magic Carpet ride:

Big Guy goes for the gusto:
We went to the Tiki Room (which Miss G says, "was freaking me out!" with the storm, then to Pirates of the Caribbean. Shockingly, Daddy worked some voodoo magic on little miss and she wasn't scared there, but just thought it was all good fun. We went on the Jungle Cruise, which we have always enjoyed. Miss G enjoyed it, except when we headed into the dark caves:
But then all was sunshine again:
We headed back to the hotel at this point, pausing on Main Street Disney:
And Daddy bought Miss G a balloon the size of Rhode Island:

Then we headed back to the hotel for a brief rest and swim. VERY cool water slide at the pool, which little miss was thrilled to ride, though she flailed a bit at the bottom before we could reach her. With many instructions to Daddy to "wait right at the bottom" she was back on it in a flash!
Later, we headed to Hollywood Disney for the evening, which will be part of the next post!

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