Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Hollywood Disney and Magic Kingdom, Part Two

We had a fairly (okay, VERY) long wait at the Boardwalk for the ferry to Hollywood Disney. Big Guy "directed" the reactions of the family to the wait:

We rode the Great Movie ride, which Miss G liked except for the scary bits. We did the Muppet Movie 3-D show, and a few other things. We had dinner reservations at the Sci-Fi Drive-In Diner, and the park closed by the time dinner was over, so we only had a couple of short hours to do attractions at this park, but it ended up being just right; a pleasant and relaxing end to our day.
Then we went back to the hotel, slept the sleep of the very, very tired, and got up to do it all again! This time, Big Guy and I headed off to the dark, scary and nausea-inducing stuff, and Daddy and Miss G spent some time together in Fantasyland. The boy managed to get me on Thunder Mountain Railroad rollercoaster, which is a miracle. I. am. not. a. rollercoaster. person. But it actually wasn't horrible. Kind of fun, even. (Shhh, don't tell him, or he'll never let me live it down!)
Once was enough for me, however, so I enjoyed the morning sunshine while he rode again (that's him in the second row):

I punished him for convincing me to go on Thunder Mountain:
And we met Daddy and our princess at Cinderella's Castle for brunch:

This is a new version of a photo of Daddy and Big Guy we took inside Cinderella's castle when we came to Disney when he was five years old. I'll try to find a digital copy of it so I can post them side by side later.

Our princess was a little nervous to go up to Cinderella by herself, so I came along!
This is one small representative of the 30,000 photos Miss G asked me to take while we were riding the Small World ride. She was somewhat resistant to going on the ride (the entrance was similar to the Snow White ride, which scared her), but ended up really enjoying it, especially after she got to order me and my camera around! Meanwhile, the boys were riding the Buzz Lightyear ride again and figuring out how to beat the system and score as many points as the ride will allow!
We say goodbye to the Magic Kingdom...
And hello to Epcot, in our final marathon post, to be published later!

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