Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Holidays! (Birthday, anniversary and Christmas, Oh My!)

The last day of school was "holiday party" day. I didn't get the chance to get down to Big Guy's class party because Little Mister was feeling a little stubborn, and REALLY wanted to get to where the toys are in Miss G's room! After a little lunch, the kids decorated cookies. Well, really, they used the cookies as a vehicle for as much frosting and candy as they could manage!
Then they played a little game where a box was wrapped about a dozen times, and each student got to open a layer and pass it on until there was a group present for everyone (more candy!):

Little Mister, for the most part, chose to ignore most of the party proceedings and get straight to the toys!
Miss G and O:
Little Mister did get involved a bit with the present opening, but really he just wanted an excuse to snuggle with Ms. Cook and use her camera!
After school that day we had Big Guy's rescheduled birthday slumber party with J, W and D. A great deal of chaos and computer games ensued!
Then on the 21st, we had a combined grandparents 45th anniversary and Christmas celebration with Daddyman's family. Big Guy is somewhat obsessed with the Santa costume this year! He even brought it to school for his class party!
Fun with gifts:
Grandmom and Grandad on their big day!

Then we were off to Florida for Christmas day with my family:
Big Guy likes his ipod shuffle, don't you think?
Little Miss can't wait to bake!
And Little Mister knew just what to do with his new quilt from Nana!
Finally, everyone was a big fan of Little Mister's new tent/igloo, even Grampa Preston!

Phew! And that's not nearly all! Disney pics soon to come!

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