Friday, May 13, 2011

Wrapping it up

Our first year of homeschool finished up yesterday, and we all survived! It was rocky sometimes, and contrary to popular opinion, my decision to homeschool does NOT prove how patient a mom I am.:) But I'm working on it. I loved it in lots of ways (and hope the kids did, too) and I'm looking forward to starting our new school year in June!

Miss G participated in a "Trash to Treasure" challenge at TCS. She created "Oscar the Trash Dog" and received a commendation, which excited her greatly! We stopped by the school to pick up the project, visit the 3rd grade rainforest and take a safari picture with little brother!

When we finished up our science unit on habitats, what better field trip to take than a trip to the "World Famous Topeka Zoo"??

Miss G is in the throes of a fun new obsession! "Hooping", as she calls it, is the new pass time. She hoops while watching tv, while listening to audio books and music, while doing her spelling, and clearly, while standing on tables...

My sweet kiddos made me a lovely Mother's Day breakfast in bed on Sunday...

Miss G and Little Guy built a model of a tidal pool. Good fun, but NOT the kind of project you want to do in the kitchen when the house is on the market and needs to be kept tidy!

And finally, when we finished up first grade and seventh grade yesterday, we celebrated by starting a bonfire and burning our excess papers. Do you think Big Guy is a little pleased?

We are off on a road trip on Monday (which I hope to blog). Sadly, Daddy will not be able to join us because he can't be away from work that long right now. So it's the kids and I on the road for almost two weeks! (Really, THIS is what our homeschooling togetherness has been preparing us for!) Wish us luck!

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Sarah Blue said...

WOW! You are so inspiring to me. You do so much with and for your children.

I enjoyed your pictures of the Topeka Zoo. I miss that cute little place!