Saturday, May 28, 2011

Happy birthday, Nana! (AKA Day 6)

After months and months of keeping secrets and fibbing and avoiding subjects, the day of Nana's big surprise party finally arrived!! There were loads of people who came from all over to celebrate the big day, and happily, there were scads of kiddoes running around the backyard, just as we did when we were little!

(I remember this hill being a lot bigger! But we had just as much fun rolling down it when we were small...)

All of the kids made new friends with cousins who live far away...

And, of course, roughed around with Grandpa Preston, the biggest kid of them all!

Nana loved the pillow that Miss G sewed for her!

There was, of course, food for an army, which is good since we practically had a batallion's worth of loved ones on hand!

We got all of Nana's kids (and most of her grandkids and greatgrandkids) together for the first time since her 70th birthday!

Isn't my Nana beautiful??

My Mom and Nana!

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