Monday, June 22, 2009

St. Thomas (non-reunion edition)

The day we arrived:

The day we left:And everything in between!

This next series of photos is of "my beach", as in where my house used to be before it was leveled and 500 condominiums were built on its ashes!!

The black gate in the foreground used to be part of our driveway, and our house was down on the little beach.

This picture is taken from about where our front porch used to be!

Okay, time for tears and nostalgia is passed!

This is back at the main hotel, where (for Mom's info) the Lighthouse restaurant used to be.
If the waitstaff isn't really prompt (and let's face it, it's St. Thomas!) the birds have great fun with the leftovers on the plates.
On the way to the pool:

The view from our room at breakfast:

Ah, vacation!

1 comment:

Sarah Blue said...

Alright, I have several comments for this post.

1. The head shot of you heading on the way to the pool is GORGEOUS!

2. The first picture is the first picture I've seen of your Hubby's body. HOLY COW!! Your man is smoking hot! And look at those biceps. Haha! He's always been a good-looking guy, but I understand your previous comments about practically having a new hubby. Good job on the weight loss and packing on of muscles. :)

3. St. Thomas is such a beautiful island. It's amazing to think that you lived so close to the beach. And hilariously ironic that they plowed down a peaceful house to build busy, busy condos. I guess they forgot that islands are supposed to be peaceful...

4. The view of the ocean with the lush vegetation in the background should be framed. Beautfiul, beautiful!