Monday, June 15, 2009

Reverting to type?

I've read a lot of blog posts this spring about reunion anxiety; people not sure whether they wanted to go, people who went and didn't enjoy it, etc. There was never any doubt that I wanted to attend (after I was certain I wouldn't be the only one!!), and with my 20th high school reunion now behind me, I've got to say, it was amazing.

Thirteen of the twenty-eight members of my graduating class made the arduous trek to the tropical island where we were raised (for some, as far away as Calgary, for some, a simple drive down the mountain). Within minutes of seeing each other again, we were once again our high school selves: the brain, the good girl, the quarterback, the class clown (man, that sounds like the opening monologue to The Breakfast Club!). We were (with very few exceptions) all friends back then, and even after an absence of a full twenty years for some of us, we still seem to enjoy each other's company.

The remarkable thing that I realized is that in a larger school, we still would probably have filled the same high school demographic niches we did at Antilles, but in a larger school we probably never would have known each other, let alone become friends. My husband went to a large public high school, and the social lines were drawn in much starker terms (the jocks didn't hang out with the debate kids who didn't know the partyers, etc.).

So I raise my glass (of water, since I'm the "good girl"!) to Antilles School, and especially to the class of 1989!

See you in five years!

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Sarah Blue said...

How exciting! I'm a bit jealous of your small graduating class. My class had about 800 people in it and it was easy to get lost in that amount of people. A smaller class would have been so much fun. I'm glad you had a good time with your old classmates! And so excited that you were able to attend. :)