Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Spring has sprung

We had to wait around awhile after school yesterday for Big Guy to return from a field trip in Kansas City. The weather was gorgeous, and the little kids decided to take full advantage:

She got a little carried away with the hugging, and his feelings were mixed:

While waiting, Miss G decided to rock some yoga asanas:

Then she decided to borrow the camera:
Big Guy wasn't enjoying it.
On Monday, we had a day off from school and went to the farm! Everyone got a lesson in driving the riding mower, which was a HUGE hit! I didn't get a picture of Big Guy riding, but the little ones had a ball.

And finally, last week was Big Guy's fifth grade production of "The Princeless Princess". He was Prince #1, who was neither tall nor dark, but at least a little cute! Sorry for the photo quality.

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Sarah Blue said...

How fun that Miss G is doing yoga. I wonder where she picked that up? ;)