Sunday, February 8, 2009

In sickness and in health...

First, Miss G was sick:
Then, little Mister was sick... Don't let the big grin fool you; first he was sick in the car as we were driving to David's office to pick up my van, where we had left it. We cleaned him up at the office, put him in a t-shirt of David's, snapped this picture, then he was sick again all over himself, then we cleaned him up AGAIN and found a slightly less clean t-shirt of David's for him to wear, and made it home before he threw up a third and final time. Miss G is trying to look sympathetic and pitiful with the sick boy!
I'll leave you with a message from Miss G, as she ate her snack the other day:


rabbitlovesbear said...

That poor sweetie! Had to be awful!

Things are okay here -- just came back from vacation to the Dominican Republic.

Do you twitter? I'm at:

Lots of love, Tracy

Sarah Blue said...

Sick babies is never fun. I always feel so sorry for the poor little ones.

I love the pretzel message. I'll have to show my kids that.