Wednesday, February 6, 2008


The TCS annual fundraising auction was on Saturday night, and we got this in the silent auction:

It was sitting in the hallway at school for about a week to advertise the auction, and Miss G was completely ga-ga over it... every time we went down the hallway, she would open it and sit in it and open all the little drawers, etc. She had no idea that getting it was even an option, so we had great fun surprising her on Monday. The surprise came a little earlier than expected, while it was still in the garage, because it is HEAVY and Daddyman had to go rent an appliance dolly to get it up the stairs to her room.

I really have to restrain myself from "suggesting" that she only put the pretty, girly, matchy-matchy stuffed animals and dolls in there and let her play with it how she wants!

In other news, we had a big snow storm last night and so had a snow day today. Very nice to just snuggle in for the day in pjs with laundry, house cleaning, naps, movies, toys, etc. But BOY was I ready for Daddy to get home tonight! Even with a little bit of time for Big Guy and Miss G to play out in the snow, they were really getting on each others' (and my) nerves by the end of the day!

Finally, 101 in 1001 has not been forgotten! I have made progress on 11, 12, 14, 17, 27, 32, and I checked 16 and 60 off the list. Yippee!

I have a plan for 19, which is to do with chores and responsibility for the bigger kids. There is a fun looking site called chore wars, where you assign experience point values for a fantasy game to household chores. I'm hoping it will catch their imaginations!

Oh, and I've added:

73. Visit Tracy!
74. Start planning my Primary lesson each week BEFORE Saturday
75. Follow along with the adult Sunday School readings for the year

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Sarah Beth said...

I love the playhouse. How cute! You're such a nice Mama to get that for Gracie! :)