Thursday, February 14, 2008

Here's Little Miss' new birthday "leo-tired" from Grampy:

Gratuitous baby shot:

Miss G's school has a big Valentine's Party each year, where they do a little concert for parents:

The sweater she is wearing is mine. The details will soon be on ravelry. I stupidly stayed up until 3am the night before to finish it. Everything except the sleeves have been done for months, and I was just dragging my feet. Monday night I finally sat down to do it, and realized that if I got it done that night, she could wear it to Pre-K discovery day at TCS and her Valentine's party the next morning. Seven hours later I stumbled into bed...

Miss G (and a small helper, as you can see in the corner) having a tea party with water. Lots of pouring and re-pouring, hence the tray and tea towel to contain it all!

The last couple of posts have been pretty daughter-intensive. We'll try to get some good photo ops for the boys soon!

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