Tuesday, September 20, 2011

5K Academy is underway!:)

We finally settling in, both to the new house AND our new school year! We started classes on Monday the 29th, so we are into our fourth week now, and doing work with three kiddoes is getting (a wee bit) easier!

Just before we started the school year, we got to spend a day in Kansas City at the T-Rex Cafe for Little Guy's 5th birthday!

After our first week of school (the honeymoon?), over Labor Day weekend, Big Guy and I travelled down to Tulsa for a Chess tournament. We each got to spend the weekend doing what we liked: he played a ton of chess, learning a new style (slow play) and I got to knit, read, do school prep and watch junky TV to my heart's content!:) We came back refreshed and ready to dive into our work!

Big Guy is doing a history enrichment class at the library this fall, so while he learns about "mysteries of history", the little kids and I get to browse for books for next week's school and play in the kid area:

Miss G (and Little Guy, when he feels like it) is studying Medieval History this year. The text starts with the fall of Rome, so we started with a week or two of studying the Roman empire, and one day we made Roman Standards and had a parade around the cul de sac. Between that and the history enrichment class that Miss G is taking (which is a little further along in medieval history than we are yet and so is encompassing knights), she is completely obsessed with armor and shield making, the schoolroom is covered with bits of paper, and everyone in the family has had construction paper shields made for them, typically emblazoned with an eagle ("because they are brave").

While Miss G takes that history enrichment class at the park, Little Guy and I take time to smell the roses at the Gage Park Rose Garden!

Big Guy, meanwhile, is becoming a mad scientist! His Advanced Phyisical Science course has a LOT of experiments!

Little Guy loves to play games, and sometimes doesn't even realize he is "doing school"!

And in the middle of it all, Miss G asked her big brother to take the training wheels off of her bike and is tearing up the cul de sac on a daily basis!

She has also inherited her Grandmom's interest in sudoku, so I got this "unifix" sudoku game because in a homeschool classroom, you can never have too many "unifix" linking blocks!

And to bring us up to the present, yesterday we finished our study of the early Celts by staging a Celtic battle, complete with war axes and battle paint!

They were opposed by a fierce barbarian invader:

Who was ultimately defeated...
And soon our warriors gave up their axes in favor of whatever tool came to hand in the fierce battle that raged on all afternoon, ending only with a snack of puppy chow, snack food of champions!

And that's what our little school has been up to! (Plus, of course, all of the math, grammar, spelling, Latin, etc. that aren't as photo friendly!)

We are about to start a round of house rennovations (replacing carpets with hardwood, etc.) and so hopefully our work won't be thrown too much into chaos. Once everything is done, I'll finally do a post about the new house!:)

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Sarah Blue said...

I love your teaching style! You are amazing.

I didn't recognize Miss G in the Celtic warrior photo. I was trying to figure out which of Little Guy's friends might have come over when it dawned on me that the girl was his sister! She looked fierce! I would definitely not want to meet her in battle. :)