Monday, February 22, 2010

Facebook is the enemy of blogging (for me, at least)

So, yeah, it's been awhile. Because my dear sweet hubby keeps harassing me to update the blog :) here's a quick photo entry of what we've been up to lately (besides various viruses... grrr!):

As Big Guy left for the Klondike Derby (an overnight Boy Scout camping trip in JANUARY):

What we are seeing out of our front door A LOT this winter:
Just random three year old cuteness:
Miss G's birthday at school with a few of her pals:
Miss G's birthday "party" (having an overnight at the local Holiday Inn, with her friend O spending the evening with us, then big brother coming to swim with us in the morning):

Back in December, Little Guy helped out with the Christmas baking:
Big Guy's 12th birthday was the first snow day of the year (of many). What better way to spend a snowy birthday morning with the siblings? And for Big Guy's birthday celebration, he got to invite two friends (and Mom and Grace came along for the ride) to Great Wolf Lodge: Till next time, friends! And to get a slightly more regularly updated version of life among the crazy kiddos, find me on facebook!

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Sarah Blue said...

One of my regrets was not visiting the Great Wolf Lodge before we left Kansas. Haha! It looks like both Miss G and Big Guy had good birthdays. Thank goodness for indoor, heated pools. :)