Saturday, October 31, 2009


Halloween began on Friday for us, with school festivities:

Little Guy's desire to watch the school Halloween assembly waned:
But Little Miss enjoyed performing!
At least there was one brief period where the big, furry wolf costume wasn't WAY too hot. The Halloween parade was COLD! Little Guy sat on my shoulders and kept me warm for much of it, which is probably why this picture is out of focus!
But then he jumped down and joined the parade:
We made it back inside to the warmth before we caught up with Big Brother:
Friday night Hubby and I went on a date and stopped by Silents in the Cathedral, an annual event at the Episcopal Cathedral where they show old silent films and play the accompaniment on the organ. Abbott and Costello followed by a horror film!
Little Guy enjoys his dirt and worms cupcake (and Little Miss' class would probably have been even more horrified to learn that the cupcakes were made with spinach than if they had REAL worms and dirt!)
But he likes it!
Saturday afternoon we were off to the All School Halloween party, where Little Girl "went on the bouncy toy FOURTEEN times, Mom!"
Then we were off the the church Trunk or Treat:
And finally, we introduce Captain Hammer!

Captain Hammer discovers his nemesis, Doctor Horrible!

And finally, we are off to our final stop of the night, trick or treating with friends!! Captain Hammer meets with civic leaders during trick or treating:
And finally, home with all of the loot. Each kiddo got to fill a glass jar with candy, and the rest goes to the Halloween fairy, who will leave books and other goodies in exchange!
Happy Halloween!


Sarah Blue said...

Your hubby is a great sport to dress up as Captain Hammer! Such a fun costume.

Who did you end up dressing as? And who exactly was Big Guy dressed as? I know some type of wizard, but I can't think of which one specifically wore a red cape...

Crunchyconmommy said...

Sarah, Big Guy was a generic wizard who wore a red cape because that's what was in the costume box!! He had a costume malfunction (as in the costume we ordered was back ordered and didn't arrive in time) so he was forced to improvise! Looking forward to seeing how my favorite Southwestern family dressed up for Halloween!