Monday, August 31, 2009

Photo roundup

This is where Miss G slept last night:
She and her brothers built the "fort" last night and when I got up this morning, she was still there!

Friday after school, we went to the library:
Is there anything better than licking the beaters after making frosting?
(I keep telling him that if he acts goofy while I'm trying to take his picture, I'll post the results!!)
Friday was kindergarten water day:
Do you think she likes her Popsicle?
When school was done on Friday, I asked her how school was. Every day since school began, she has told me, "AWESOME". Today was no different, but after a small pause, she solemnly informed me that, "Today may have been the best day of my ENTIRE LIFE!"

We were blessed to have our dear friend Tracy visiting from DC this weekend, and when Miss G had a slight cold on Sunday, they stayed home from church together. When we came home, they had made "Best Girl" awards!
Wow, an entire post without pictures of the little guy! We'll have to rectify that soon!

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Sarah Blue said...

Swimming and eating popsicles definately qualify for best day ever activities!