Friday, July 31, 2009

At the Magic House (St. Louis, Day Two)

On our second day in St. Louis, we decided to forego the Zoo (it was really hot outside) in favor of the children's museum, The Magic House. First of all, it is HUGE! Second, it is CROWDED. Third, LOUD! But lots of fun, regardless. All three kiddos had great fun, though unfortunately, they often wanted to have fun in three different places at once, and there were only two adults! But we persevered!

One of the favorite parts of the day was the discovery of Jack's Beanstalk, which is a three story climbing structure (from which it is almost impossible to retrieve unwilling children):

While little guy liked it, he was even more pleased with the Beanstalk that was more his size:
The big kids had lots of fun in a hands on art and science room:

Then we went to Trader Joe's to load up on our favorite goodies (mandarin chicken rules!!), said a sad goodbye to big brother and Gamma, and then the little ones and I got into the car for a LONG drive home through St. Louis traffic and thunderstorms!

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