Saturday, May 30, 2009


Miss G, in her ballet gear, doing her favorite thing:

Rain boots and bathing suits are the new trend this summer: "Whaddaya want, lady??"
Water rockets in flight, afternoon delight: Little Guy and his pal, Albert:
Miss G's dress rehearsal for her ballet recital: And finally, my newest project, half complete (and unblocked as the still wonky toe attests)! They are Monkey socks in Dream in Color Smooshy (and if anyone can tell me why Cookie A named these socks "Monkey", there might be something in it for you!!): Obviously, I need some more pictures of my oldest child!!


Awesome Mom said...

Neat socks! We have to get together and have a knitting play date sometime soon now that my schedule is a lot less insane.

Sarah Blue said...

Love Miss G's legs and pointed toes. Such a ballet pose.

The socks are cute. I have no idea why they're named "monkey". Does it have anything to do with the V pattern? They could be leaves...

My girls want to learn knitting and crocheting this summer. In addition to sewing, quilting, piano, voice, and culinary. :)