Thursday, November 20, 2008


The really important thing NOT to notice here is that Little Mister got ahold of Daddy's razor (taken out of the shower and left lying on the counter by the workmen) and was trying to "shave" his upper lip. Wince. I'm happy to report no lasting scars. And that he didn't even notice that he'd cut himself.

More during, but almost done:

This one (above) is where most of the wall repair work still needs to be done (after they cut out the moldy drywall!)

Here are the color choices. We've decided on the blue/grey to pick up the bluish tones in the tile.

"After" is soon to be revealed. We still need to do some wall repair and repaint, but it is all fully functional again (after having to walk across the house to use the facilities, which Daddyman likened to living in a dorm again) and the tile work is done! Yippee!

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Sarah Blue said...

WOW! A bathroom remodel! Those are always fun, exciting, and a bit merve-wracking. I love the tile. So pretty!