Friday, June 27, 2008

My Maine-iacs

Here's our rental house, "Yorkshire House", about a ten minute walk down to Short Sands beach. It was a fun place... we didn't take enough advantage of the roof deck, though, because of Little Guy. The weather was glorious all week, and we got to have a second spring, since it's further north than Kansas. The lilacs were all in amazing bloom, and there was a fabulous apple tree next to the house:

Little Mister just wasn't interested in standing still for a photo:
One day we went to Cape Elizabeth to Fort Williams. When I was nine, my Dad lived just down the road (and I lived there with him for a few months). I used to climb the rocks from the beach near his house around to the Fort and lighthouse, and I haven't been there since I was nine or ten, so it was pretty neat to return:

We also made it to LL Bean in Freeport, where this neat little aquarium was the only thing that kept Big Guy from absolutely making everyone's lives miserable because the rock-climbing wall that was there five years ago (and was the promised fun activity for the day) had been removed.

Back at Short Sands:

Chasing the seagulls:

Fun to be there, sad to leave, glad to be home!


Scuttle said...

Looks like you guys a a lot of fun out there. Boy those kids are getting so big!

Hope you have a great summer


Sarah Blue said...

Maine is Beautiful! I'll have to visit someday. I'm glad you're back home safe and sound. We miss you guys! :)

rabbitlovesbear said...

Greetings from Delhi, India!

My new job sent me here for two weeks and I'll be going home tomorrow evening.

Saw the Taj Mahal yesterday and it brought tears to my eyes. What love!

All is well. It is very hot and humid here -- can't wait to go back to DC where it is... hot and humid! Ha!

Miss you all so much. So nice to see pics of Kensinger family!

Lots of love,

Shoup Score= 3girls, 2boys said...

Wow I wish we could go there... terribly beautiful sites! I could waste an entire memory card just on the lighthouse. Good grief...