Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Home Stretch

So long, Discovery School! Hello, TCS!

Miss G is already out of school, and Big Guy gets out on Wednesday! As an east coast girl, I still can't get used to getting out of school in mid-May, but it makes our vacation to Maine a lot easier, since rental houses are still on "winter rates" until mid-June. We leave on Thursday, and the plan is to stop to see Niagara Falls briefly on the way, then to stop at Williams to show the kids where it all began! I'm a bit anxious about 24 driving hours with the kids, but even more nervous about Little Mister's reaction to sleeping somewhere that's not his bed. It could be ugly, folks!

Update: well, I got distracted the other day and never got this posted, so it's Wednesday night (almost Thursday!) and Big Guy is out of school. We made it! And we're off first thing in the morning for Maine. Wish us luck! I'll post with pictures when we return!!

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